The School of the Physical Education and Sports started its academic life with the Department of Physical Education and Sports Teaching and the Department of Sports Management in the 2015-2016 academic year. Next followedthe opening of the Department of Sports Trainers Education and the Department of Recreation Education in the 2017-2018 academic year. The School carries out its activities with Turkey and Northern Cyprus quotas in four departments.


The School of Physical Education and Sports, Cyprus International University, aims to train dynamic and contemporary sport trainers in the field of Sport Sciences with a high quality of research ability, a developed team spirit, a sharing and participatory approach, and a focus on the developments in the area of Sport Sciences. Our School aims to emphasize the importance of Sport Sciences in academic and social life, and its mission is to create an awareness by contributing to the elimination of deficiencies in the area.

Our School grounded in knowledge and science, adopts a vision that closely follows technological breakthroughs, innovation, and openness to developments. It aims to be a pioneering and leading institution, competing with the world universities in the field of Sport Sciences and technologies and offers contemporary sports education and training programmes. It is also our aim  to educate highly qualified physical education and sports teachers, trainers, and sports managers that have modern, universal values, and can transfer the knowledge and skills they have acquired to practice, based on a vision of a healthy country that has highly qualified individuals.


Our Physical Education and Sports School covers an area of 7500 square metres, with the education offered at The CIU Arena Sports Complex. The Arena has 6 classrooms, double stands with multipurpose sports hall, indoor swimming pool with 8  lanesand and stands, fitness saloon, two studios, indoor climbing wall, foyer and relaxation areas with 7-way closed shot polygon, two outdoor tennis courts, two open basketball courts, two astroturf football pitches and two open field volleyball courts.

In addition, while maintaining the development of the sports sector with the existing academic structure, the school takes the personal development of students very seriously. In addition to the undergraduate studies; other training models, such as courses, certificate programs, and seminars, planned with sector representatives,aim to increase the knowledge and personal development of our students.