Dear Students,

The common mission of all the Engineering Departments within the Faculty is to educate students using all the advances of the information age to become Engineers capable of carrying out research and originally designed engineering work. They will integrate into industry and society, converting their original designed works into production, creating projects to develop new technologies. Students publish their investigations in international journals, allowing them to share this knowledge in a multidisciplinary way. They need to be environmentally conscious and to understand the principles of professional ethics, act as leaders, create knowledge, and to judge the outcome of engineering work being sensitive to art and culture.

Our vision is to be among the highest qualified Engineering Departments in the country and in the world in a sustainable way using new methodologies and innovative strategies in teaching our students at undergraduate and graduate levels.
Our Faculty, considers that the most important aspects of University life to realise our missions and visions in a sustainable way involves employing highly qualified teaching staff utilising well-equipped laboratories, modern classes, a high standard of tools and accommodation, incorporating sincere and close interaction between members of teaching staff and students.
The Faculty laboratories are unique in North Cyprus and can compete with the laboratories of advanced universities as they include a central laboratory with sophisticated instruments, a computer engineering laboratory containing the latest 3-dimensional processing camera system and a civil engineering laboratory offering a non-destructive 3-dimensional scanning MR test system.
The fact that the University website has received testimonials from alumni students saying that it is a privilege to be educated at Cyprus International University is a measure of appreciation of merit by former students.

Prof. Dr. Derviş Zihni DENİZ

Faculty of Engineering