First of all I would like to welcome you all to our faculty.

The primary goal of our faculty is; To give to our students the opportunity of improving the oral and dental health of the public using the advanced diagnosis and treatment methods and to achieve scientific research and development studies. The training in the first and second years of our faculty will be given both in conventional dentistry and in digital dentistry. The medium of education will be held in two different programs; one in English and the other one in Turkish. Our faculty aims to train new and brilliant health auxiliary personnel as well. To increase our efficiency in this matter, we will be in cooperation with other faculties, institutes, academies, research and practice centres within the university’s body and also with other national and international institutions. We aim to raise the oral and dental health of the public to the top level, respectful to the era, while respecting the patient’s rights, needs and expectations, and giving quality service being bound to the principals of contemporary operating management. The students will be given a full support of our university in order to obtain the opportunity of making scientific researches and practices. Here in Cyprus International University, Faculty of Dentistry our students will be trained in “conventional dentistry “as well as in “digital dentistry”. Therefore our graduates will be starting in life as contemporary and modern dentists. I am very honored to welcome you all once again as our future colleagues.

Prof. Dr. Zühtü Haluk KESKİN

Founder Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry