Dear Students,
The Vocational School of Justice started giving education in the 2011-2012 Academic Year. Highly qualified academics serving in judicial organizations are of great importance in terms of fairness and the principle of the rule of law. For this reason, the Cyprus International University Vocational School of Justice is taught by expert and distinguished faculty members.

With the amendments made in the Judicial Organization, the number of courts has increased, courts of appeal have been set up, and specialized courts have begun. In this new structure, the number of cadres has been allocated because of the increase in the need for qualified personnel in the jurisdiction. The main mission of the Vocational School of Justice is to train the necessary judicial personnel.

Graduates of the Vocational School of Justice have the right to perform all the professions that judges, prosecutors, lawyers and law faculty graduates can do by transiting to Law Schools as a result of the Vertical Transfer Examination.

The training program, which consists of both theoretical and practical information to ensure the competence of the graduates who will work in the private and public sector, is given taking into account both the professional advantages and the possibilities of vertical transitions to law faculties. Cyprus International University is composed of professors and assistants of the Law School of Cyprus International University. In the vocational fields, education is given by specialist teaching staff.

In addition, faculty members of the law faculty and research assistants provide academic support to our students, as well as providing guidance in solving their problems. With the opportunities that campus life brings, students and teachers can spend time together.

In the Cyprus International University Vocational School of Justice, Turkish is the official language of education. However, the presence of a large number of foreign students studying in other parts of our University offers you the opportunity to improve your English in your daily life. During the training, necessary cooperation with the public and/or private sector is made in order to help our students to gain professional experience upon request, while not having an internship obligation.

The 2000s make it necessary for society to be structured as an "information society". The Cyprus International University Justice Vocational School integrates education with the possibilities of technology and continues the vocational training of students with computer-assisted programmes. Contributing to enhancing the professional skills of our students and improving their visions through conferences and panels attended by policy experts, law and economists are also aims we have.

In line with our university's educational strategy, we aim to graduate contemporary students who will be proud of having undertaken all the responsibilities young people entrusted to us at the Cyprus International University Vocational School of Justice.

I wish you all success at the most important milestone of your life, which will shape your future.

Prof. Dr. Çağlar ÖZEL

Director of Vocational School of Justice