About the Program

Hair Care and Beauty Services Program was founded by our university for the first time in the TRNC. The education and teaching language of our program is in Turkish. Our four-year associate degree program was founded under YÖDAK supervision and after that it was received YÖK accreditation and it started accepting students from Turkey. Our instructors, who teach field courses of our department, are graduates of the field and they can teach practice courses besides theoretical courses. Among the goals of our program, based on the technological developments of our time, it is aimed to train professional staff that can communicate effectively, have technical knowledge and skills related to the profession, are creative, innovative, researcher and that can contribute to the development of the country and its profession by constantly renewing itself by following the developments in the field, having unique ideas, holding the client's requests at the foreground as analytical individuals, education conscious and professional cosmetologist.

Educational Opportunities

Hair Care and Beauty Services Program held hands-on training at hair care - make-up and make-up applications workshop and skin and body care workshops. where there are the latest technological features At our hair care and make-up applications workshop, our students do sage permanent and temporary shaping, dye hair, cut hair, make beautifying makeup, and they can also make many applications covering hair and make-up lessons including stage make-up and special effect make-up. At the skin and body care workshop With the skin care device, lymph drainage device, isometric, thermolysis needle hair removal can be done and with IPL devices skin analysis and diagnosis can be done and cosmetic products can be chosen. Students can apply special products such as wrinkle, stain treatment, acne care, oxygen therapy, peeling and mask as well as special applications such as local body thinning and tightening with passive gymnastic and lymphatic drainage devices.

Career Areas

Students, who graduate from Hair Care and Beauty Services program, can work in the field of hairdressing and beauty which is one of the widest areas of service sector. They can work in specialized and managerial positions in companies that produce goods and services in cosmetic sales centres with international associate degree diplomas, even within the country or abroad at hairdressing salons and beauty centres as a hair stylist and aesthetics, as a makeup artist and special effect makeup expert at a stage at television, theatre and film studios. They can also work as a spa therapist and manager in the spa and in the hospitals, as a skin care specialist in the skin care units of hospitals, as a manicure pedicure and nail designer in nail making centres, Apart from these, our graduates have the opportunity to be contract teachers in private education institutions or 'trainer' in state educational institutions.


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