About the Program

Cyprus International University Health Care Organizations Management Master Program, was founded in parallel with the development and evolution of healthcare organizations management all over the world. Program aims to improve the knowledge of administration of health services and institutions by educating, training and researching at postgraduate level, and preserves the role of being the first and the leader department in this field in North Cyprus. To educate students who can contribute to solve the problems of health care sector, are decision making-focused (management of healthcare organizations, marketing, financial management, human resources management, research methods and statistics, relations with medical staff, organization relations with its environment,), and are practice-focused (coordination and team work abilities, interpersonal relations, following the behaviors and practices of successful healthcare managers).

Education Opportunities

Master of Science (MSc) in Health Care Organizations Management Program is conducted in both Turkish and English languages as thesis and non-thesis programs. In Thesis program, 7 Course, Seminar, Thesis; in the non-thesis program 10 course, Project Report is took part. In both programs, students are given lessons directed to take management duties in health institutions, to advance in their management levels or to open the way for build academic career. These courses include Health Care Organizations Management, Marketing in Health Care Organizations, Human Resources Management in Health Care Organizations, Financial Management in Health Care Organizations, Quality Management and Accreditation in Health Care Organizations, Strategic Management in Health Care Organizations, Quantitative Decision Making Techniques in Health Care Organizations, Research Methods and Statistics for Health Care Services, Business Economics, Professional Ethics in Health Care Services. Health Care Organizations Management and Marketing in Health Care Organizations are the compulsory courses, others are elective courses.

Career Areas

Our students who graduated from the Master of Science (MSc) in Health Care Organizations Management Program can be assigned in many services in health sector. Our graduates can work in the organizations aimed to treatment and to protect health; in related sections of Health Ministry; in healthcare units of public institutions and private sector organizations; in institutions produced healthcare materials for health sector; in institutions that produced or supplied medication, medical devices and consumable materials used in healthcare services; in the center of research and development healthcare related as a manager, as a marketing director, as a financial specialist, as a human resources director, as a public relations director or as an other administrative officer in hospitals. Our graduates also would be very effective in the quality management and accreditation of healthcare institutions. Our graduates also have the opportunity to continue their doctoral studies and to have an academic career.


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