About the Program

In this age of revolutionary changes in information technologies, Information Technologies Program under the School of Applied Sciences was founded in order to educate qualified staff in software applications and computer hardware inspection, design, development, execution, management and support. The content of this program is designed to provide students with practical and theoretical perspectives on computing technologies and to have a different perspective. Within the program, students are offered various courses in different areas of information technology including system analysis and design, database management systems, internet and visual programming, network management and design, and business intelligence.

Educational Opportunities

Students are able to access the required course materials from the University's library and online course management portal. Furthermore, as part of the coursework, students benefit from the laboratories and/or field work (for practical courses) to implement the theoretical input into practice. In addition to the laboratory exercises; practical implementations, combined with the case studies from real life situations, course internships and independent studies offered within courses also help students to apply theory into practice. Moreover, seminars given by experts from the sector/market; invited guest speakers for relevant courses, summer internship where students work in a company for 30 days and collaborations with other organizations offer authentic learning and potential employment opportunities for students.

Career Areas

Graduates can design information systems, work in development and application areas, establish their own technology companies, work in the public and private sectors in Turkey, Europe and in emerging business opportunities in other countries at higher rates. These countries experience constant improvement and reconstruction so there is a high demand for the graduates of this program in our country and the rest of the world. The use and development of information technologies is rapidly increasing in all areas of our lives. For this reason, graduates of the program will be able to find employment in different business areas where technological development and changes are needed. Graduates of Information Technologies Program are able to work in various fields, especially in information processing centers, project development, and software and programming and consultancy units of the private sector and public institutions. Potential positions include; system engineer, program developer, mobile application developer, website manager, network designer, database administrator and information technology consultant.


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