About the Department

The aim of the Law Ph.D. Program is to provide students with specialized and experienced faculty members to be equipped with up-to-date knowledge and expertise in various fields of private law. In this framework, it is also an important part of these goals to equip students with the latest information, to develop their skills in writing, expression and reasoning, and to develop abilities to apply abstract rules to concrete events, and to solve problems of private law. The ability of the program to specialize in specific areas of practice will serve to improve their professional qualities, as well as to the development of commercial life, the better operation of law and justice. The program is designed taking into account the role of law in practice and in the working life and offers different course options to serve this purpose. In addition, the seminar course in the program will contribute to the development of students' ability to conduct scientific research, information access and oral expression.

Education Opportunities

Our students are prepared to practice with the practical studies on the Supreme Court and Council of State decisions. All students have the opportunity to conduct research into lessons and practical work using computers with internet connection. Homework will be given to students to gain research ability, research will be made and their presentations will be evaluated. Moot Court (virtual litigation) applications are available. During the student period, necessary co-operation is being done to monitor the hearings in the courts and cooperation will be provided for the internship work on request. Students with a good level of foreign language and averages of the grades will be sent to internationals for internships. National / international panels and conferences organized to increase the knowledge and equipment of the students will be made into books and distributed to them according to their interests.

Career Areas

In the Ph.D. program of Cyprus İnternational University, students are expected to have mastery of their studies until they are thoroughly familiar with the subjects in the field, If the doctoral thesis is written and successfully defended in front of the jury, it will be entitled to the title of "doctor", an international title. The title of doctorate is an international title although the conditions vary from country to country. After graduation, it is possible to apply for associate professorship from within the university or from outside the university, if it is desired and the conditions are met.


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