About the Program

Marketing Management is a Master program designed to equip graduate students with contemporary skills and knowledge specialized in the most important field of management- marketing. As companies look to differentiate and update their offerings in global marketplace as well as follow the recent technological and social developments, they are looking for a graduates that are specialized and equipped with strategic and executive marketing skills to stand out. Marketing Management program is designed to cover the most important topics of marketing management with specialized courses like consumer behavior, marketing strategies and international marketing amongst others to provide detailed and state of art view on a marketing management concepts.

Education Opportunities

Marketing Management program is provided by Institute of Graduate Studies and Research, Cyprus International University. Graduate students are able to improve their skills and knowledge in multi- national environment with teaching staff and students from more than 80 different countries. Teaching involves both theoretical knowledge as well as practical trainings that will equip students with overall knowledge and specific skills to fit in changing business environment after their graduation. Courses are also designed to provide academic research skills to allow students to enter PhD program after successful completion of Marketing Management Master Program. Students are also able to practice by the agency of Finance Laboratory which is the only one in Northern Cyprus universities. Students have opportunity to participate in entertainmnent activities, seminars, specialized trainings and other activities organized by Departments, Institute and student clubs.

Career Areas

Graduates of Marketing Management can work in advertising, media, public relations, social media, sales and promotions, events, products and services management and other related areas in public and private institutions. Graduates are equipped with skills and knowledge that allows them to work both in local or international organizations and can undertake different managerial positions related to marketing and Management. The positions that graduates of Marketing Management can undertake are Market Researcher, Marketing Executive, Sales Manager, Public Relations Manager, Advertising Executive, Social Media Accounts Manager, and Marketing Strategist to name some. Graduates also have an option to enroll in PhD program.


Institute of Graduate Studies and Research
Çevik Uraz Center, CU244
Tel: +90 392 671 1111 Extension: 2214-2228
Institue E-mail: ciu-institute@ciu.edu.tr


1-2 Years