About the Department

Teaching Certificate Program was opened in 2013 under the body of the Department of Educational Sciences with the Higher Education Council’s (YÖK) decision of "Restructuring Education Faculties". The aim of the program is to provide training for students who did not graduate from the education faculties but wish to become teachers. The program aims to train prospective teachers with effective teaching behaviors by knowing the principles and methods of teaching, applying them with an understanding of student-centered education, motivating students to learn and become successful, adopting interdisciplinary approach, having vision problem-solving skills, are respectful to socio-cultural differences, do not discriminate among students with regard to their religion, language, physical appearance, or individual characteristics, and respect social values. It aims to educate prospective teachers as individuals who can interpret the importance of lifelong learning and development for the process of self-realization and the link between individual and social development.

Education Opportunities

The teaching staff of the Pedagogical Formation Program is constituted of qualified faculty members from the Faculty of Education. During the program, our students are provided with an efficient teaching based on research using all kinds of educational technologies as all classes are equipped with smart boards. Students can show videos and movies related to the lessons by using the smart boards. In addition, our students can have presentations using smart boards and share their projects with peers. The students who are studying in the program have the opportunity to practice their knowledge through the "Teaching Practice" course. Our students can easily access scientific resources and use them in their research through some pioneering databases provided by our university library. The students can use the computer software and data processing and communication technologies at the Computer Laboratory located in our faculty.

Career Areas

Graduates of the Department of Educational Sciences, Teaching Certificate Program can teach in the TRNC and TR public and private schools about the subjects they have studied during their undergraduate degrees.