About the Department

In today world, software systems are the cornerstones of all modern businesses and organizations. Such systems are often complex and must be robust and adaptable. By studying software design and production techniques, this degree program will equip you with the skills needed to follow a career specifying and developing these systems, and other computer-based solutions.
You will gain not only knowledge and practical experience of the latest technologies, but also a basis in the underlying principles of the subject. It is this combination of skills that enable our graduates to keep pace with this rapidly-changing field, and secure financially-rewarding careers that can be pursued almost anywhere in the world.

Education Opportunities

The curriculum of the program is designed to fulfill the daily needs of organizations. It includes subject matter courses, STEM courses and elective courses. Throughout their studies, students take many software-related courses, database, operating systems, computer networks, various programming languages and programing techniques and project management courses. Almost all courses have practical components that complement theoretical knowledge. Through both theoretical courses and lab sessions, students can prepare themselves for the professional life easily under the supervision of well-respected and expert academics.

Career Areas

Our graduates receive a “Software Engineer” degree and they can work all over the world with the high-quality knowledge and experience gained during their education. Software engineering field is one of the most demanded and fastest growing occupations in the world. Graduates can work as software engineers or testers, cloud experts, applications developers, game developers, web developers, database administrator or in any IT-related position. In addition, they can continue postgraduate studies on any area related to computer technologies in order to be specialized on a certain field to pursue an academic career as well.




4 Years