About the Department

The Department of Special Education Teaching provides education for future special education teachers who can support children with special-education needs in a way that addresses their individual differences and needs. The courses are designed to help our students achieve a higher level of personal self-sufficiency and success in school and in their community that may not be available in a typical educational setting.

For successful completion of the four-year program, students are expected to take a total of 62 courses (156 credit/hours): 134 credits theory-based and 22 credits practice-based modules. The medium of instruction is Turkish and available as an undergraduate program.

In their final academic year, students gain practical experience in special education and general education in a school setting, which enables them to put the knowledge they have learnt in the previous three years into practice. They are also required to submit a portfolio about their practices conducted under the supervision of a lecturer and a special education teacher. After graduating, students become “Special Needs Teachers”.

Educational Opportunities

The Department of Special Education Teaching has two full-time professors, an associate professor, two assistant professors and two instructors. Our students study in classrooms which are all equipped with smart boards and students attend lessons in the computer laboratory; and carry out all activities related to arts and drama in the arts laboratory and the drama room.

Career Areas

The program aims to train students who have cooperative skills, and are eager to work with individuals with special needs. Graduates of the program may pursue job opportunities as special education teachers and/or administrators at private and state elementary and high schools, special education schools, rehabilitation, counseling and research centers operating under the Ministry of National Education both in Turkey and TRNC. Graduates may also continue their studies at postgraduate level and become specialists or academics.

Another job opportunity for the graduates is to organize seminars, conferences and workshops to determine the problems in the field of special education and offer possible solutions.


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Faculty of Education

Education and Humanities Center, EH 325

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Faculty E-mail: secretary-foe@ciu.edu.tr

Head of Department: Asst. Prof. Dr. Cahit NURİ

Head of Department E-mail: cnuri@ciu.edu.tr