Journal Articles

Ahmet Sözen & Sertac Sonan (2019): “Yet Another Case of Electoral and Government Epidemic? The Turkish Cypriot Legislative Election of January 2018,” South European Society and Politics, 24:1, 129-154.

Book Chapters

Tufan Ekici & Sertac Sonan (2020): “The Turkish Cypriot quest for statehood? From a religious minority to a de facto state,” in Chris Kostov (ed.) Separatism and Regionalism in Modern Europe, Logos: Berlin.


Gregoris Ioannou & Sertac Sonan (2019): “Cyprus: a divided island–state with diverging collective bargaining patterns, weakened yet still standing,” in: J. Waddington, T. Muller, & K. Vandaele, (eds.) Collective Bargaining Institutions and Process in Europe. ETUI: Brussels.


Yucel Vural, Sertac Sonan & Michalis S. Michael (2018): “The Turkish Cypriot dilemma: between Ankara and Lefkosia,” in M.S. Michael and Y. Vural (eds.)  Cyprus and the Roadmap for Peace, Edward Elgar: Cheltenhem (UK).


Sertac Sonan, Ebru Kucuksener & Enis Porat (2020): “Politics and Society in North Cyprus: A Survey Study”, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung.


Sertac Sonan & Omer Gokcekus (2020): “Socio-economic and Political Impact of Austerity in North Cyprus: A Brief Assessment” Friedrich Ebert Stiftung.


Gregoris Ioannou & Sertac Sonan (2019): “Inter-communal Contact and Exchange in Cyprus’ Higher Education Institutions and its Potential to Build Trust and Cooperation” Peace Research Institute of Oslo.

Conference papers

Sertac Sonan, Ebru Kucuksener & Enis Porat (2021): "The attitudes of Turkish Cypriot and Turkish immigrant citizens in north Cyprus towards the solution of the Cyprus problem, Turkey and each other: A quantitative analysis," presented at ISA Annual Conference.


Sertac Sonan & Omer Gokcekus (2020): “No Way Out: Socio-Economic Impact of Austerity Policies in North Cyprus,” presented at ECPR General Conference, Online-Virtual Event.


Sertac Sonan, Enis Porat & Omer Gokcekus (2019): “Political Participation in Northern Cyprus,” presented at ECPR General Conference, Wroclaw.


Sertac Sonan & Ebru Kucuksener (2018): “The Effects of Turkish Migrants on the Political Culture in the Northern Part of Cyprus,” presented at The Migration Conference (TMC), Lisbon.


Sertac Sonan & Enis Porat(2018): “Political Participation Patterns among Natives and Migrants in Northern Cyprus,” presented at The Migration Conference (TMC), Lisbon.

Distinguished Lectures

-Germany After Merkel: A Brief Analysis of German Elections 2021, Prof. Dr. Hubert Faustmann


-Australia in Global Politics, Ambassador Sam Beever


-A Brief Analysis of the 2022 French Presidential Elections, Sébastien de Courtois


-Peacebuilding Efforts of Cypriot Citizens towards Reconciliation, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Maria Hadjipavlou


-Press Freedom, Dr. Emin Akkor


-Cyprus Issue: The Way Forward, Ambassador (Ret.) Osman Ertuğ


-Murder, Archives and Absences: Reflections on Researching the History of Cyprus, Prof. Dr. Jonathan Stubbs


Urban Sustainability Workshop, AKTI-KAYAD


Turkish-Greek Relations in the Light of the Ukraine War