Library Frequently Asked Questions

What is the opening hours of the library ?

Academic Period
Weekends: 10.00-18.00

Exam Period
Weekends: 08.00-00.00

Holiday Period
Weekends: Closed

How can I become a member of the library ?

Members of our university are considered our natural members.
Our external users can benefit from our resources when they are in the library.

How can I find the book in the shelving system ?

After scanning the catalog, you can find the location and shelf number specified in the catalog record by following the book labels
on the shelves.
You can also ask the librarian for assistance.

I could not locate the book at the specified location, where could it be ?

Somebody may have borrowed the book before you, or it may be in one of the internal offices for administrative processing. You may consult the librarian for assistance.

How long do I have before I must return the borrowed item ?

Academic staff may borrow up to 10 books for 30 days, our students may borrow 3 books for 15 days and administrative staff may borrow 2 books for 15 days from our library.
When it comes to DVDs, all our readers may borrow a maximum of 2 DVDs, for 2 days only. Also, all library users may borrow 1 reserved book for 1 day only.

If I am late to return the book, or if I lose the book, what must I do ?

Our university applies a 0.50 Turkish Lira penalty for each day the book/s are late to be returned. Also, a 2 Turkish Lira penalty will be applied for each day for reserved books.
If the borrowed book has been lost;
The same book can be obtained and given to the library, or the book fee determined by the library is paid.
At the same time, if any late payment penalties are applicable, they will also be charged.

Can my friend borrow a book in my name using my student ID ?

Our service users may borrow books using their own IDs only. Nobody else may borrow a book on their behalf.

Can my friend return a book on my behalf ?

ID is not requested during the returns process, for this reason, the return may be processed.

Am I able to see the borrowed items in my name without coming to the library, and can I extend their duration ?

By activating your own account on our catalog page, you can see the items you have borrowed and their return dates and penalties, if any, and make extensions.

The resource I am looking for is displayed as an e-resource, how can I use this ?

Each database has different uses. Please read the instructions and ask the librarian for help.

How can I have off-campus access?

Each database has different uses. Please ask the librarian for help or click to see the user guide. 

I want to perform research upon databases. How can I do this ?

There is a tab on the library website for e-resource searches. You may perform searches utilizing this tab. You may also consult the library.

I have questions I wish to ask, how can I make an appointment ?

Available at our library are the ‘Ask a librarian’ services.

For a variety of questions, you may email or you may visit the library for more information.