With its highly effective methods of farming and energy conserving systems, the Levent Cattle Farm is one of the most mechanized and automated in Cyprus. The cows are milked three times a day for an 8 min cycle on a rotary system. Specialized breeding and feeding techniques are designed to increase yields. In past years, outputs have boosted per cow by nearly 30% from around 6 tons a year to 8 tons. The production is closely monitored from start to finish. Top grade cow semen is imported from the US, Canada and Turkey and is used to inseminate high yield heifers. Levent Cattle Farm, along with the Cyprus International University, is a member of the Levent Group of Companies.
Since its inception, the innovative production method that includes the “integration of planting, breeding and processing has been used. This not only makes the organic integration of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries possible but also offers a zero-distance, seamless connection between the whole industry chain and each section of the production process which is kept under surveillance. Thanks to the efficiency of production and advanced technology, raw milk is one of the highest quality and safest milk in Cyprus and around the world. It is the most well-established, large-scale livestock farm here in Cyprus, backed by highly experienced management, comprehensive facilities and the latest breeding, feeding and herd management skills which leads to high farm produce and reduced environmental degradation.

You will learn about:

  • how to differentiate between a dairy cow and a cow for slaughter.
  • how to milk a cow.
  • how to detect and isolate a sick cow to prevent the disease from spreading.
  • how to breed and feed cows with the necessary nutrients to keep them healthy and productive.
  • how to expose students to the modern mechanized system of operating a cattle farm.
  • how to enlighten students on international trade by exposing them to the exportation and distribution of milk.


  • Business Administration students
  • Social Work students
  • Health Care Organizations Management students
  • Any other interested CIU students