Levent farms have been developed with a unique resistance to weather changes and insects. A highly effective method of plant protection ensures the output is always fresh and ready for consumption.
Production ranges from grapes that are transported to the factory where they are used to make top-notch household and party wines. Sigma Greenhouses installed which have a traditional look with an amazing, modern, heavy-duty design. Rain, wind, insects, and floods are no problem for the Sigma Greenhouse because of its galvanized steel and best quality Polycarbonate. The farm is fully automated, with farm machinery ranging from tractors to land mowers, heavy-duty harvesters, and more. Utilizing energy-saving solar panels to ensure nature protection and contribution.

You will learn about:

  • Fundamental principles of agriculture in order to cope successfully with the technological challenges of farming and industrialization.
  • Ways of efficiently feeding a growing population and gaining a better understanding of food production and distribution.
  • Animal science, the agriculture business, food production and processing, natural resources and environmental systems, plant science and power, structural and technical systems.


  • Plant Production and Technologies students
  • Business Administration students
  • Mechanical Engineering students
  • Management Information Systems students
  • Environmental Engineering students
  • Any other interested CIU students