The winery produces various wines from grapes by following the winemaking process. Along with the Cyprus International University, Loch Manor is a member of the Levent Group of Companies.
The winemaking process involves the fermentation of fruit, as well as the blending and aging of the juice. The grapes are from vineyards owned by the Levent Group of Companies. The winery also provides rooms for wine tasting where customers can taste wines before they make a purchase. The winery architecture and machinery are very varied and high-tech and are used to produce one of the best wines in Cyprus. As a result of high consciousness and belief in environmental stewardship, all of the properties share an enduring commitment to sustainable winemaking, and developing working methods that take into account people and the environment. This approach enables to showcase the individuality of each property, offering unique, quality wines.

You will learn about:

  • The subtle and elegant nature of wine tasting.
  • High-tech winemaking machines reduce workload and enable more efficiency in output.
  • The step-by-step process of winemaking from the grape picking stage to the bottling stage.


  • Tourism Management students
  • Plant Production and Technologies students
  • Business Administration students
  • Marketing Management students
  • Any other interested CIU students