2019-2020 Academic Year Spring Semester Student Welcoming and Orientation Days

The 2019-2020 Academic Year Spring Semester Student Welcoming and Orientation Days started on  February 12th by the Student Development and Counseling Center (SDCC) affiliated to the Social Activities Coordinatorship of Cyprus International University (CIU).

CIU Orientation Days will be held between February 12th and March 15th to introduce university life and Northern Cyprus to the students enrolled for the first time.

The CIU Orientation Days, will start with the welcoming of the students at Ercan Airport, continue with cultural city tours, the introduction of university facilities, information meetings and entertaining events.

Within the scope of the Orientation Days, CIU will introduce its students from the third world countries the quality education it offers, and will also offer the students the opportunity to get to know the country and culture they will be studying within.

As part of the orientation days, after the interactive course registrations that will be held between February 18-21; on February 21st, a campus tour and orientation presentation will be made for new students.

Students will be able to attend the city tours on February 21st to Nicosia, February 29th to Kyrenia and March 7th to Famagusta organized by SDCC.

With this organization, students will have the chance to attend the student clubs festival that will be held at the university on March 5-6, and they will be able to attend the movie night to be held at the CIU Mini Movie Theater on campus every Monday and Thursday.

Gamze Atay, SDCC Director stated that with the activities to be held within the scope of Orientation Days, their aim is to enable students who are new to university to start their education life with a good motivation.

News Date: February 12, 2020