Calcium is of great importance

Cyprus International University (CIU) Faculty of Medicine, Public Health and Medical Education, faculty member Prof. Dr. Banu Elçin Yoldaşcan pointed out the vital importance of meeting the daily calcium need during the growth period.

The daily calcium need is around 1000-1200 mg, and increasing bone mineral density with regular and sufficient calcium intake at an early age helps prevent problems such as osteoporosis in older ages.

Stating that calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body, Yoldaşcan said that calcium is in the composition of most of the body tissues, increase their durability, maintain moisture, and improve their functions.

Calcium has many important effects
Prof. Dr. Yoldaşcan emphasized that calcium is especially important for the health of bones and added: “it increases the durability of bones. It also plays a role in the growth and strength of the nails, contributes to keeping the skin moist and smooth. It has positive effects on eye health".

Pointing out the issue of calcium deficiency as well, Yoldaşcan said, due to calcium deficiency, “Cataract development may occur. Also, symptoms such as melting in the bone and subsequent breaks, skin roughness, nail cracks, bone and joint pain, forgetfulness, numbness in the hands and arms, contractions, cramps, insomnia, restlessness, and irregularity of the heartbeat can be observed. ”

Effects of calcium deficiency become serious with age
It was mentioned that the loss of calcium is common in women, who are in menopause, who have had a lot of birth and miscarriage, a sedentary lifestyle, and who are not well fed, and that this situation is high in the frequency of recurring bone fractures that may eventually lead to death by condemning the person to bed.

Supplement with the right food
Yoldaşcan also offered recommendations to prevent the lack of calcium: “green leafy vegetables, yogurt, dairy products such as cheese, chickpeas, fish, chicken, dried nuts, orange juice, eggs, soybean, onions are calcium-rich foods and must be consumed regularly”.

Finally, Prof. Dr. Yoldaşcan explained that egg yolk is an important source of calcium contributing to maintaining bone density. The amount of calcium that can be taken especially from fresh spinach is high. Since oily fish contain calcium and vitamin D, they are also an excellent source of nutrients for strengthening bones.

News Date: July 25, 2020