CIU Management Engineering Program accepting students for 2020-21 Fall Semester

A fully equipped training in a laboratory setting
Management Engineering Program of the Faculty of Engineering, Cyprus International University is starting to accept students as of 2020-2021 fall semester.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Ayşe Tansu Tunçbilek, the Program Coordinator of the CIU Industrial Engineering explained that Management Engineering is a department that is mentioned together with Industrial Engineering, and the origin of Management Engineering dates back before Industrial Engineering. Management Engineering has a foundation that combines management and production, based on increasing efficiency as the common denominator.

It was stated that management engineers are responsible for the healthy operation of the systems in the departments such as IT, human resources, marketing, sales, service, supply, operation, shipment, and the design and integration of new business systems with the existing system. It is aimed to develop the technical objectives of the industry as the CIU Management Engineering program through training graduates with analytical thinking skills based on engineering education.

Responsibilities of Management Engineering
Asst. Prof. Dr. Tunçbilek pointed out that management engineers are mainly responsible for the coordination of administrative staff and technical staff.

While emphasizing that management engineers do not ensure that the processes progress healthily in line with the objectives and strategies of the enterprise, Tunçbilek underlined that they undertake the tasks of designing the necessary systems in the enterprise, preparing a production plan and supporting the quality control processes.

It was stated that the duties of the management engineers also include identifying and responding to malfunctions, collecting and analyzing data in business processes, taking measures to ensure fiscal discipline, and supporting marketing activities.

Tunçbilek said, “As CIU, we organized our curriculum so that our graduates have all these abilities.”

“We will prepare the students in the best way”
By drawing attention to the point that management engineering students will receive education in laboratories equipped with the most advanced technologies, Tunçbilek also said: “Our Work Study and Ergonomics laboratory, Simulation and Optimization laboratory and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing laboratory are fully-equipped and ready for our students' practices.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Tunçbilek expressed that they have full faith that they will prepare their students for the profession with their well-equipped educational staff, up-to-date curriculum, and laboratories.

News Date: May 15, 2020