CIU Orientation Days started with city tours

2019-2020 Academic Year Spring Semester Student Welcoming and Orientation Days organized by Social Activities Coordinatorship affiliated to the Student Development and Counseling Center (SDCC) of Cyprus International University  (CIU) have started.

As part of the city tours organized for newly registered students, students are aimed to get to know both Nicosia, the capital city where the university campus is located, and Northern Cyprus in general.

During the city tours, which started in Nicosia, historical places such as the inner city walls, Great Inn and Derviş Pasha Mansion were visited.

Students, who have had a chance to get information about the culture of Cyprus also had the opportunity to examine the works of Cypriot history on site.

Following the visit to Nicosia, students were also taken to see the city of Kyrenia.

During the trip to Kyrenia, CIU students had the chance to see Kyrenia Kordonboyu, Kyrenia Castle and the Sunken Ship Museum in it.

As part of the Orientation Days, after the city tours of Nicosia and Kyrenia, a city tour will be organized to the city of Famagusta.

Students will be informed about the clubs and social activities within the university with the Student Clubs Festival that will take place on campus apart from the city tours.

CIU Orientation Days, starting with student welcoming, consist of cultural city tours, promotion of university facilities and fun activities.

News Date: March 1, 2020