Combating addiction worldwide is a serious health problem

Cyprus International University (CIU) Department of Nutrition and Dietetics lecturer and Cyprus Turkish Dietetic Association President Dr. Dietitian Ayşe Okan pointed out that combating addiction is a serious health problem in the world and emphasized the importance of developing a state policy on this issue.

It was reminded that the dates of March 1-7 are celebrated as the Green Crescent Week, and it is aimed to raise awareness about the negative effects of cigarettes, alcohol and drugs on human life.

Many organizations and support centers have been established to combat addiction and state policies on this issue are important.

Dr. Dietitian Okan stated that the most important step forward in this matter is to fight against tobacco under the leadership of the World Health Organization and to ban smoking /tobacco in closed areas to prevent passive smoking, and that there are serious changes in tobacco prices in many countries in an attempt to decrease the use of tobacco products.

Okan reminded that alcohol like cigarette/tobacco has negative effects on the body: “Alcohol can have two different effects. Although it gives a great feeling of satisfaction and happiness when it is consumed for the first time, with long-time use may result in blurred vision and serious coordination problems”.

It was mentioned that excessive alcohol consumption increases the risk of developing chronic fatty diseases by increasing body fat cells, abdominal lubrication, and explained the development of diseases such as depression, anxiety and tachycardia.

Okan also reminded that, as CIU, they are very sensitive about combating addictions, and a protocol was signed with the Prime Ministry's Anti-Drug Commission to combat addictions.

News Date: February 29, 2020