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Congratulations to devoted press members

Cyprus International University (CIU) Faculty of Communication published a congratulation message due to July 24 the Journalists and Press Day.

Congratulations to devoted press members

The Dean of the Faculty of Communication, Prof. Dr. Hikmet Seçim, by celebrating the day of press workers, reminded that July 24 is the anniversary of the abolition of censorship in the Turkish press and it is celebrated as the “Journalists and Press Day”.

It was recalled that the newspapers in the Ottoman Empire were published after being inspected by the "censorship" officers, however, the censorship was abolished with the Second Constitution on July 24, 1908, therefore, it was decided to celebrate July 24 as the "Journalists and Press Day" in the following years.

Announced in 1946 with the recommendation of Falih Rıfkı Atay
As a result of the establishment of Turkey Journalists Association in 1946 and with the recommendation of journalist Falih Rifki Atay, July 24 was declared as the “Journalists and Press day" and in addition to an important function of informing society, journalists also have a function of guiding the society and forging public opinion.

Underlining that the journalism profession is one of the most difficult, and most dynamic professions, and at the same time requires the most dedication, the Dean of the CIU Faculty of Communication, Prof.Dr. Hikmet Seçim celebrated July 24 Journalists and Press Day of all journalists and press employees, who often fulfill their duties, with great difficulties and sacrifices and are passionate about their profession.

News Date: July 23, 2020