Diet’s Protection Effect From Breast Cancer

Cyprus International University (CIU) Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Nutrition and Dietetics Academic Staff and President of the Cyprus Turkish Dietetic Association, Dr. Ayşe Okan, drew attention to the importance of raising awareness of prevention from breast cancer at this time, upon data provided by the Turkish Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Association, that one out of every 8 women in the world will have breast cancer.

Stating that our diet is effective in the development of cancer risk at any point in our lives, Okan noted that according to the report published by the American Cancer Research Institute, olive oil, one of the most important products of our country, is one of the foods with proven protection against breast cancer.

Stating that the Mediterranean island of Cyprus offers us a Mediterranean type of nutrition, Dr. Okan went on to say “While we grow our own olives and produce our own olive oil, nature actually gives us an opportunity to protect our health”.

Protective Effect of Olive Oil
Stating that we benefit from its protective effect against breast cancer when we consume olive oil raw, Okan said, “It is enough to keep our daily olive oil consumption to 10-15 grams. Since olive oil is also in the oil group, excessive consumption affects our health negatively” said Okan.

Okan stated that many studies show that low vitamin D levels pose a risk of breast cancer, adding that individuals with vitamin D levels between 60-80ng / mL are 80% more protected from breast cancer.

Okan advised, in order to raise the vitamin D levels, sitting in the sun for only 15 minutes a day with bare skin; and consumption of fatty seafood, nuts and eggs are advised. Okan pointed out that there are no forbidden foods in the protection of Breast Cancer, and that it is necessary to eat adequate, balanced, varied and colorful foods in order to be protected.

In her statements, Okan also drew attention to the issue of healthy nutrition of oncology patients, and said that it is important for individuals to receive consultancy from oncology dieticians, in order to make the correct food choices and increase the quality of their lives.

Stating that healthy nutrition is at the top of preventive health steps, Okan also reminded that this approach should be sustained throughout life.

News Date: October 9, 2020