Dr. Faruk Türközü, on the 36th anniversary of TRNC

Dr. Faruk Türközü, a faculty member from the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Cyprus International University (CIU) made a statement regarding the 36th anniversary of the establishment of TRNC and pointed out the importance of diplomatic, economic, scientific and cultural initiatives.

His statement was about EOKA which was founded on March 7, 1953 under Makarios' political and George Grivas’ military leadership and they started murderous incidents against Turkish Cypriots.

Türközü also mentioned that The Republic of Cyprus was established on August 15, 1960 as a result of various struggles under the guarantee of Turkey, Greece, and Britain. However, the Greek Cypriots could not accept the egalitarian position of the Turkish Cypriots, so the Greek government enacted the Akritas Plan on December 21, 1963.

Dr. Türközü conveyed that after the murderous incidents, the negotiation attempts of the guarantor states had started. However, the attempts could not reach the desired results due to the attitude of Greek Cypriots and then, Cyprus Peace Operation was started on July 20, 1974.

It was also stated that Turkish Cypriots were rewarded for their unified resistance with the establishment of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus on November 15, 1983 under the leadership of the immortal leaders, Dr. Fazıl Küçük and Rauf Raif Denktaş since 1878 until now. 

He finalized the statement by addressing that it is significant to reinforce each war with diplomatic, economic, scientific and cultural initiatives and added: “Self-sacrificing efforts and missions on many issues such as ensuring the diplomatic recognition, obtaining the full historical rights of Northern Cyprus, getting the legitimate sovereign powers of the sea should continue”.

News Date: November 14, 2019