Important Representation from CIU

Cyprus International University (CIU) Faculty of Medicine Faculty Member, Cardiovascular Surgery Specialist Prof. Dr. Barlas N. Aytaçoğlu, has become a member of the 16th Turkish Heart and Vascular Association Congress Evaluation Board, to be held between 12-15th November 2020, organized by the Turkish Heart and Vascular Association (Türk Kalp ve Damar Cerrahisi Derneği, TKDCD).

Due to the Covid-19 epidemic being experienced across the world, the congress will be held digitally in order to not endanger the health of the participants, and is being organized with the theme "TKDCD 2020 Digital" on November 12-15 this year.

Prof. Dr. Aytaçoğlu stated that live studio programs will be held in addition to scientific sessions with valuable international and national speakers at the congress, and shared the information that he will also assist the TKDCD Scientific Committee in the evaluation of the presentations.

The TKDCD Congress, which is accepted as one of the most respected organizations in the cardiovascular field in Turkey, will be broadcast live all day during the 14-15th November, in the Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir studios. Foreign speakers who are competent in their field will contribute to the congress.

News Date: September 24, 2020