Osman Özdemir, a CIU Pharmacology Professor, explains how to protect yourself from the cold and flu

Osman Özdemir a Pharmacology Professor from the Faculty of Pharmacy, Cyprus International University (CIU) warned that the ones, who cannot adapt to the weather change on the first days of autumn, have the risk of catching up cold and flu.

Prof. Dr. Osman Özdemir mentioned that the symptoms ofa  cold are a runny nose, sneezing, cold, shivering, cough, headache, sore throat, loss of appetite, nasal congestion and a high temperature. The flu has symptoms of a high fever, dry cough, headache, muscles pains, weakness, sore throat, runny nose and red watery eyes that are sensitive to light.

Özdemir explains what to do in case you fall ill. “Drugs can reduce common cold symptoms, however, only time can completely heal the common cold,” he said.

Özdemir said having a strong immune system reduces the risks. Also, it is important to have regular sleep, a balanced diet, exercise, drop stress to a minimum level and stay away from smoking.

Özdemir said medicines  that give relief for a cold may be used  such as cough reliever, expectorant, decongestant pain reliever or an antihistamine. “Also, by consuming plenty of liquid, mouthwash with saltwater and a balanced diet can help to continue work life,” he said.

Özdemir said in case the disease in question exceeds 10 days, it is important to go to the doctor. If the pain continues and if there is fever, chest pain, cough with green or bloody sputum, a doctor should be seen immediately.

He explained that in the case of the flu, October is the most appropriate time for getting the first flu inactivated (dead virus) vaccine. The protective effect of the vaccine will begin within 1-2 weeks and it will last approximately 1 year.

Özdemir warned about the vaccine. " People who are over 65, who have a weak immune system, doctors and nurses, those who take care of children younger than 6 months, those with kidney failure and those who have the feverish disease should not be vaccinated,” he said.

News Date: October 2, 2019