Watch out for the infestation of foreign words

Cyprus International University (CIU) Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Turkish Language and Literature Department Chair, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gürkan Gümüşatam, talking within the scope of 26 September, “Turkish Language Day,” noted that despite all the richness of the Turkish language, in today's world where electronic communication is surrounding our lives, it is treated like a second-class language.

With awareness of our mother tongue, emphasizing that Turkish should be given the necessary level of importance, Gümüşatam also pointed out the importance of all individuals in society showing the necessary sensitivity towards our mother tongue, by choosing Turkish words against foreign words, so that the same consciousness can be passed on to future generations.

“It is our responsibility to raise the credibility of our language”
Gümüşatam stated that Turkish has a deep-rooted history of written and oral literature, as well as its wealth of words, idioms, proverbs and concise words, that make it one of the world's leading languages.

Gümüşatam emphasized; "It is our responsibility to raise our language to a higher level, as the language of art, literature, science and education, to protect it against foreign word invasion, to raise the reputation of our native language in the face of foreign languages, ​​by producing outstanding works."

 “It is one of the most common languages”
Gümüşatam also noted that Turkish, which is the basic communication tool of the Turkish nation, is the guarantee of unity and solidarity of the Turkish Nation; reminding that language is the most effective tool in the transmission of the Turkish culture, traditions and customs from generation to generation.

Gümüşatam stated that Turkish, which is among the distinguished languages ​​of the world, has been cultivated and developed for centuries, despite all foreign influences. Gümüşatam continued as follows:

“Turkish, which is one of the most widespread languages ​​in terms of geographical area in the world, is the most effective tool for meeting the Turkish world in the same cultural circles and maintaining kinship ties, despite the fact that it is divided into many dialects and accents.
In relation to the Turkish communities and other nations, Turkish, the language of peace and love, has established indestructible bridges of hearts between people with a common past.”

News Date: September 25, 2020