About the Department

Electrical and Electronic Engineering covers electrical plants, electronics, telecommunications, circuits and systems, electromagnetic fields, and disciplines of microwave technology, and robotics and control systems. Electrical Plants contain the design, operation, and maintenance of high-voltage devices, and also the design of various devices that belong to electricity generation and distribution systems; electronics, telecommunications, circuits and systems including the design, development, operation and maintenance of systems operating at low voltages. The electromagnetic fields and microwave techniques are involved in many systems that operate with high and low voltage devices. Control and robotic systems are mostly used to control high voltage devices by making use of the devices which operate at low voltage. Graduates are able to work in the telecommunications industry, alternative energy, and automation systems. The undergraduate program in Electrical and Electronics Engineering is offered in both English and Turkish.

Education Opportunities

Education and training activities in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering are offered in laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and in classrooms with all the up-to-date technological facilities. There are eight faculty members who have completed postgraduate degrees in qualified and well-known universities. The faculty is composed of experienced academics who continue their scientific studies in their own fields of expertise by supervising theses for postgraduate students. In addition to our two four-year undergraduate programs, there are Master of Science (M.S.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) programs focusing on academic research and development. Our undergraduates have the opportunity to specialize in the fields, which are planned and offered based on today’s needs and expectations such as electrical plants, electronics, telecommunications, circuits and systems, electromagnetic fields, microwave technology, and robotic and control systems.

Career Areas

Graduates of this department can work in the big sectors like telecommunications, automation, and energy as engineers or in management in many fields of industry. Graduates can also make major contributions to research and development in the R&D departments of a wide range of institutions and organizations. These include the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, electricity distribution companies, electricity transmission companies, construction companies, aerospace industries, automotive industry, scientific and technological research institutions, electronics and telecommunication design and manufacturing companies (e.g. Arçelik, Vestel Electronics, Beko, Turkcell, Aria, Huawei, and Ericsson).

In addition, our graduates can get a Free Engineer Consultant (SMM) authority as a member of the Electrical Engineers' Association (EMO) and they can easily carry out tasks specific to electrical engineering such as designing, implementing, testing, controlling, and signing.




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