About the Department

The demand for English teachers is stronger than ever as English dominates the fields of education, technology, science, business, medicine, and travel. To this end, the Department of Foreign Languages Education (FLE) raises its graduates as qualified teachers, allowing them to teach at all levels of education from primary and secondary to higher education and the professional world beyond. Delivering both theoretical and practical education in a student-centered environment, the CIU FLE curriculum incorporates a holistic approach, developing learners in not only English and state-of-the-art language teaching strategies, but also culture, problem-solving, digital literacy and other 21st century skills.


English Language Teaching Program, as a result of the successful evaluation of its education quality standards, was accredited by the national accreditation institution, the Association for Evaluation and Accreditation of Teacher Education Programs (EPDAD) in 2020.

Education Opportunities

At the undergraduate (B.A.) level, the CIU FLE curriculum consists of a great variety of modules. In the first year, the emphasis is on knowledge of English language and its use. The second and third year modules provide a strong foundation in many aspects required for the development of a modern and well-equipped language educator. The fourth year sees teacher candidates complete a year-long observation and practical teaching experience program at schools from both the public and private sectors. The Master’s (M.A.) program consists of seven courses designed to provide a strong academic awareness and in-depth knowledge, and a seminar course to prepare candidates for their research-based thesis which allows them to demonstrate their ability to contribute to the field. The Ph.D. program, completed over three years (full-time) to five years (part-time), combines study with the development of research to a level of distinction.

Career Areas

There are many great career opportunities for the graduates of the CIU FLE program due to our high-quality, modern, holistic, and diverse approach to teacher education. Graduates of the B.A. program are qualified and able to teach English in all contexts, both within the education system and in the professional world. They are also able to teach their native language(s) as a foreign language, or any other language they are proficient in. Due to our comprehensive curriculum, graduates can also choose to work in the areas of examining, assessing language, materials development and adaptation, and professional communication skills training. In addition, our university offers masters (M.A.) and Doctorate (Ph.D.) programs in English Language Teaching for those who would like to pursue an academic career. Those who attain a Master’s (M.A.) degree from the CIU ELT program are further able to work in the areas of management, teacher training, and curriculum design. In addition to the options mentioned above, Ph.D. holders are able to become teacher educator at higher education institutions.


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