About the Program

Due to the rapid development and expansion of information technologies, the security problem that arises with the increasing use of the internet has become a common and indispensable part of life in the public, private and personal scale. As the internet has become a part of our social and economic lives, it has enabled new concepts such as cloud operations to be used and companies to implement information and communication issues using these networks. To ensure information security, institutions and countries have developed and implemented standards, policies and strategies to create protection against information security threats.
The Information Technology Security Undergraduate Program aims to provide students with experience in information systems security, cryptology, network security and database security, and the knowledge and skills that will enable them to take an innovative role in the research and development of new technologies.

Educational Opportunities

The curriculum of the Information Technology Security Program is formed to be compatible with the fields of management information systems, information technology, computer engineering, information systems engineering, software engineering, and artificial intelligence engineering and to provide interdisciplinary competence.
Students will have the opportunity to start their career by the experience of applying theory into practice due to their internships in the last year of their education.
Students will also have the opportunity to observe the real-life, on-spot practices of information security experts and experience different aspects of information technology security and practices in institutions and organizations.

Career Areas

Today, information security experts are needed in many sectors. Graduates of the program can be employed in information processing centers and software companies as “Information Security Expert” where electronic information security is provided. They will also be able to continue their academic careers with a Master's or Doctorate Degree.


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