About the Department

Courses offered by the Department of Plant Production and Technologies include Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Agricultural Ecology, Meteorology, Soil Knowledge, Planting, Soil Productivity, Principles of Fruit Production, Garden Plant Breeding, and Developing Grain Suitable for Cool Climates. The Department provides a setting for the practical applications of these courses. In addition, Bio-production students help producers examine productivity.

Educational Opportunities

Department students have the opportunity to undertake research, to become part of applied education, and to have the opportunity to be interns in the 29,400 acre Practice, Research and Training Farm near the CIU campus, which includes 6550 acres of farmland, 4200 acres of olive trees, 750 of various fruit trees and 1600 acres of vineyard. 450 acres are for greenhouse cultivation and 250 acres are for open vegetable cultivation. Arable crops such as clover are planted in 20,300 acres and poultry husbandry is carried out in 1000 acres with sheep, goat, and cattle farming occupying 850 acres of land.

Career Areas

Graduates are expected to work as directors or technicians in multinational or international companies. They are able to start up and manage plant and animal production companies, or undertake private and formal studies. They may have careers in agencies that provide education and extension services; consulting companies; control-certification; project design and management; agricultural product and input marketing; retail industry; tourism; processing, wrapping, storing and transporting agricultural products; municipalities and marketplaces, production of seeds, seedling and saplings, egg production and breeding materials and in agriculture. Graduates are expected to be able to set up their own business effectively as a result of the improvement of their personal and entrepreneurship skills developed during their studies.


4 Years






Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Technologies

Çevik Uraz Center, CU124

Tel: +90 392 671 1111 Extension: 2301

Faculty E-mail: secretary-foa@ciu.edu.tr

Head of Department: Prof. Dr. Ahsen Işık ÖZGÜVEN

Head of Department E-mail: aozguven@ciu.edu.tr