About the Program

Tourism and Hotel Management is a program that enforces the emergence of theoretical and practical knowledge as well as contributing to the well-being and operationalization of the academic, public and the private sectors. Students have the opportunity to attend relevant seminars and conferences as well as actively participating in research and application of the knowledge in their summer training/internships. The Tourism and Hotel Management field is full of opportunities that yield an individual to acquire higher skills to perform well in the sector. The mission of the School of Tourism and Hotel Management is to foster students in designing and portraying clear pathways towards their future careers. This is achieved through high standards of classes, school competitiveness and individual attention to meeting the tailored needs of the students.

Educational Opportunities

The School of Tourism and Hotel Management programs are designed to develop students who are participative and aware of the international and national developments and technological advancements in the tourism and hospitality industry. As well as generic business courses, specialized and tailor-made tourism and hospitality courses are also offered throughout the programs. In essence, students are taught to improve their problem solving skills, effective communication skills, and customer-focus orientation skills. Language skills are inseparable part of the tourism curricula so, the School of Tourism and Hotel Management offers elective language courses for students such as German, French, Italian, Russian and Chinese. Summer trainings/internships provide superstructure to the formerly acquired theories in the classrooms. School of Tourism and Hotel Management is accredited by FIBAA and is a full member of Council on Hotel, Restaurant & Institutional Education - (CHIRE) and European Network of Hospitality and Tourism Educators – (EURHODIP).

Career Areas

Cyprus International University School of Tourism and Hotel Management program aims to enhance the human resources segment within the tourism and hospitality industry (i.e. hospitality establishments, airlines, tour operators, travel agents, restaurants, car rental companies, etc.) by educating individuals to possess the necessary skills and qualifications to succeed. The graduates of the School of Tourism and Hotel Management are fully capable of acquiring employment in chain or boutique hotels, holiday villages, tour operating companies, travel agencies, airports or airlines and cruise lines. Additionally, the School of Tourism and Hotel Management equips students with language skills, academic infrastructure, and awareness of ethical issues needed to pursue an academic career as well.


Cyprus International University
School of Tourism and Hotel Management
Çevik Uraz Center, CU241
99258 Nicosia/TRNC
Tel: +90 392 671 1111 Extension: 2201
Faculty E-mail: secretary-sthm@ciu.edu.tr
Director E-mail: ouludag@ciu.edu.tr


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