Women and Gender Studies


Women and Gender Studies Research Centre (WGSRC) aims to conduct and support research on gender studies and issues through bringing together academics engaged in gender-related research in various disciplines, within our university to create opportunities for interdisciplinary encounters, research and investigation and be involved in this social problem through critical thinking and solution-oriented processes.
In line with this mission, we adopt an open approach to research and innovation rejecting discriminatory presupposed patterns by addressing women's and gender research in their interactions and diversity with different conditions and experiences such as children, class, nationality and disability.
To think about how to combat different forms of discrimination, especially gender and female discrimination is among the priorities of our center, along with contributing to the establishment of a more equitable, sensitive and sharing environment in our society through scientific publications, theses, educational programs, cultural activities, collaborations, memberships, and projects.


• To carry out gender and women's studies, research and practices,
• To ensure and encourage academic studies on the current problems of women and the solutions to these problems,
• To provide a database of periodical scientific publications on women and gender studies in particular to TRNC and the world,
• To organize cultural and artistic events; To contribute to the establishing of a more equitable, sensitive and sharing environment in our society through meetings, certificate programs, collaborations, bulletins, memberships, and projects,
• To establish a discussion and sharing environment that supports pluralism, creativity, equality, and solidarity by embracing all our academics, employees and students,
• To make academic information public; to strengthen the information flow and interaction among academia, civil society, art, politics, and everyday life.


Women and Gender Studies Research Center
Asst. Prof. Dr. Mihrican Aylanç
Tel: +90 392 671 11 11   Extension: 2701
E-mail: center-ukamer@ciu.edu.tr