About the Department

The department of Public Relations and Advertising aims to train professionals with ethical and social responsibilities towards the society and the world they live in, have sufficient knowledge and equipment in their profession, have a critical perspective and can produce constructive solutions. In our department, where the language of instruction is English, both theoretical and practical courses are given to our students. Our students, who have the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge through workshops and projects, are trained as graduates with knowledge of the computer programs needed in the fields of public relations and advertising. Compulsory internships, one in the field of public relations and the other in advertising, cover 20 working days each and can be carried out in both domestic and foreign organizations. Thanks to these two compulsory internships, our students have the chance to get to know the business world and to closely observe and experience current practices in a professional environment.


Public Relations and Advertising Program has been accredited as of March 1st, 2019, by the Communication Education Evaluation Accreditation Board (ILEDAK), which is an institution authorized in performing external evaluations and issues accreditation certificates in the field of communication.

Educational Opportunities

With teaching staff consisting of both academic and media industry specialists, our department prepares its students with the knowledge and skills meeting the requirements of the public relations and advertising fields. Public relations and advertising professionals also meet our students through panels, seminars, conferences, and workshops. The department’s Communication Club is open to all faculty students and serves as a platform for students to organize activities and create advertising and public relations campaigns. Public Relations and Advertising students also have the opportunity to work in the CIU News Agency and CIU Radio and Television studios, to help them develop the writing, reporting and audio-visual skills necessary in the public relations and advertising professions.

Career Areas

Graduates of the Public Relations and Advertising department have a wide range of career opportunities. Our graduates, who turn to the field of advertising can work in advertising agencies, as well as in the advertising and public relations units of various institutions and companies. Our graduates who prefer to work as public relations and communication experts can find employment in the public relations and corporate communication departments of various public and private organizations, as well as in the marketing, public relations, and corporate communication departments of private enterprises. Graduates may establish a career in government offices, municipalities, trade organizations, banks, hospitals, hotels, and many other organizations, working as public relations professionals, corporate communication directors, public relations specialists, or communication experts. Graduates who are interested in further education can continue in a post-graduate program and pursue an academic career.


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Faculty of Communication

Çevik Uraz Center, CU124

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Faculty E-mail: secretary-foc@ciu.edu.tr

Head of Department: Asst. Prof. Dr. Bahar Taşeli SAKALLI

Head of Department E-mail: btaseli@ciu.edu.tr