About the Department

Department of Advertising and Public Relations at CIU aims to prepare our students for diverse and highly competitive careers in the fields of advertising and public relations. Our goal is to provide our graduates with the credentials that meet or go beyond the expectations of the industry and to prepare them to be productive and creative communication experts with social responsibility and ethics. The medium of instruction is English and it is designed to teach students both the theory and practice oriented courses. Our two 20-days-long summer trainings, first in the field of public relations and second in the field of advertising, enable students to gain experience in these fields and see the application of theories into real-life practices.

Educational Opportunities

With a teaching staff consisting of both academics and media industry specialists, our department prepares its students with the knowledge and skills meeting the requirements of the advertising and public relations fields. Advertising and public relations professionals also meet our students through panels, seminars, conferences and workshops. The department’s Advertising and Public Relations Club is open to all faculty students and serves as a platform for students to organize activities and create advertising and public relations campaigns. Advertising and Public Relations students also have the opportunity to work in the CIU News Agency and CIU Radio and Television studios, to help them develop writing and audio-visual skills necessary in the advertising and public relations profession.

Career Areas

Graduating students will able to find employment at a variety of public and private institutions. Those who wish to pursue their career in the field of advertising can be employed in advertising agencies, graphic design studios and marketing departments. Graduates who look for jobs in the field of public relations can have a career in government offices, municipalities, trade organizations, banks, hospitals, hotels and many other organizations as public relations professionals, corporate communication directors, public relations specialists, or communication experts. Graduates who are interested in further education can continue at post-graduate programs of universities and can pursue academic careers.


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Faculty of Communication

Çevik Uraz Center, CU124

Tel: +90 392 671 1111 Extension: 2301

Faculty E-mail: secretary-foc@ciu.edu.tr

Head of Department: Asst. Prof. Dr. Bahar Taşeli SAKALLI

Head of Department E-mail: btaseli@ciu.edu.tr