About the Department

The department aims to develop students’ critical perspective and instill an ability to develop a systematic approach to problems, and create reliable designs for a building or a city. They learn about architecture and art history and how to use various presentation techniques and computer technology to visually express their architectural opinion, to use their talent and knowledge of modern construction and building methods together with construction materials. Thus, it also aims to educate the professionals with the training that can meet the requirements of the rapid technological innovations and environmental problems with a student-centered educational approach. It is ideal to raise leaders who are open-minded with vision and experience, strong personality, intellectual qualities so they will be at the forefront in the society.

Education Opportunities

The aim is to help students gain the ability to make unique designs regarding different qualities on building and urban environment scale, equipped with architectural education concerning design theories and methods, building and construction systems and technologies, building typology, art history, architectural history, architectural environment in relation to social, psychological, economic and cultural conditions. Students will be encouraged to work together, help each other and make collaborative decisions. It is ideal to raise leaders who are open-minded, have vision and experience, strong personality, intellectual qualities so that they would be at the forefront in the society. The architectural projects carried out in design studios, which are the basic elements of architectural education, are subjective and individual interpretations showing differences according to the students’ perceptions of the world and architecture.

Career Areas

Architects' working areas are extensive. Graduates of this department can work as freelance architects or paid architects in an architectural office or open their own architectural design bureau. They can also take part in industrial sector or design process related with technology for the development and production of construction materials or concentrating on the urban environment. They also have the opportunity to work in research and education as an academic career. In addition to these, it has been observed that many architects have achieved successful professions in different fields such as literature, media, cinema, music, industry and entrepreneurship with their original perspective and creativity developed through their architectural education. By this, professionals with responsibilities in the creative, social, cultural and environmental contexts, are capable of designing, implementing and directing architectural projects.


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Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture

Arts and Social Sciences Center, AS217

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Faculty E-mail: secretary-ffa@ciu.edu.tr

Head of Department: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Cemil Atakara

Head of Department E-mail: catakara@ciu.edu.tr