About the Program

The Public Relations and Publicity Department, by means of focusing on a communication profession, aims to educate professionals that will communicate effectively, form communication bonds with the public and private sectors, be able to respond to the communication needs of the changing business world, and maintain human-centred long-term relationships. The department offers theoretical, technical and communicative competence courses, as well as a practical training period. The compulsory training period helps students apply learned knowledge into real business cases in a real working environment, supporting self-confidence and self-communication competences. The practical training period covers 30 business days and can be carried out either with local or international organizations depending on the student’s preference. Our department aims to contribute to the growth of our students as professionals in the field of communication and mass communication, having the necessary enriched skills and abilities to be able to respond to the needs of the sector. The language of instruction is English.

Educational Opportunities

Specialists are invited from various institutions and organizations related to the Public Relations and Publicity Department, aiming to reinforce the educational outcomes of students beyond the scheduled curriculum through presentations. Through these presentations, students are exposed to real business cases and successful experiences presenters have had in their organizations. This gives students an opportunity to benefit from the presenters’ know-how and expertise. Interactive meetings help students understand the importance of interpersonal communication, managing time, and collaborating with staff in the workplace. By becoming active participants of the Advertising and Public Relations Club, students are able to gain practical experience in organizing various activities, designing different advertising and public relations campaigns. Additionally, students can take responsibility in the CIU News Agency and television studio and improve their writing and visual expression skills. Students, after graduation, may continue for an additional two years in order to gain a graduate degree from the Advertising and Public Relations Department.

Career Areas

Students who have successfully graduated from the Public Relations and Publicity Department have wide business opportunities. Public relations is a communication profession that requires effective communication management, giving students the opportunity to serve in most communication-oriented jobs offered by both the public and private sectors. Despite the fact that communication methods and influence are changing parallel to technological developments in the field, communication attributes and purposes do not change. Thus, there will always be a high demand for public relations and publicity professionals in the business arena. Graduates of the Public Relations and Publicity Department can easily apply to public relations companies and advertising agencies; may enroll in corporate communication and marketing departments of institutions; civil society organizations; political institutions, and various media organizations. Students who have mastered advertising and public relations in the English language have more opportunities for employment from many international advertising agencies.


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