About the Department

The academic programs of the Department of Civil Engineering, Cyprus International University aim to educate students with design and analysis skills, management potential, and decision-making skills with strong scientific and technical backgrounds. The purpose of these programs is to make our students aware of their personal abilities and the contemporary technologies present in Civil Engineering, to be entrepreneurs and to develop their creativity.

Programs include content such as planning, design, analysis, construction, post-construction maintenance, and construction techniques. These are used in the design and construction of multi-purpose buildings, bridges, transportation facilities, energy and power plants, hydraulic structures, and the other buildings that ease the life of the society.

Our mission is to educate students by giving them the fundamentals of engineering knowledge, design, and practical skills, and provide them with the necessary tools to take their place in the modern world. In addition to this, we aim to increase the quality of life by providing safe and modern living environments through disseminating scientific thought and environmental consciousness, developing social cooperation and a solidarity culture, and creating conditions for sustainable development. These lead to an increase in the quality of civil engineering at an international level, prioritizing research and development activities, and increase the awareness of standards and codes of professional ethics.

Educational Opportunities

Employers and company owners expect civil engineering graduates to have a strong educational background, understand the market, and be competent in adapting themselves to leadership and group projects. For this reason, students improve themselves through conducting experiments on building sites with the required conditions. Supervised by their teachers, students take part in scientific projects that contribute to science and to the national economy. Students graduate with high self-esteem and are self-sufficient and competent in meeting society’s needs. Increasing potential research also creates a need due to findings related to new materials and technologies to be applied to constructions.

Accreditations and Memberships

The Civil Engineering program, which is taught in English, is accredited by the Association for Evaluation and Accreditation of Engineering Programs (MÜDEK).

Career Areas

Civil engineering graduates are obliged to develop an educational understanding that is close to that of the current market and be competent in adapting themselves to leadership and group work.
Students graduating from this program have a wide range of career opportunities such as the construction of basic engineering buildings, bridges, roads, tunnels, railways, airports, ports, sewerage networks, water treatment plants, dams, and lakes. They can work in public institutions, the private sector, or establish their own offices. Since the need for civil engineers will increase in the future, students have a high possibility of securing a livelihood.


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Faculty of Engineering

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Faculty E-mail: secretary-fe@ciu.edu.tr

Head of Department: Asst. Prof. Dr. Ayşe Pekrioğlu Balkıs

Head of Department E-mail: apekrioglu@ciu.edu.tr