About the Department

The education and training plans executed in our department are progressing with an innovative infrastructure by following the current developments in science and technology. In this respect, in addition to the basic engineering knowledge, our students are provided with the opportunity to specialize in subjects related to their fields. There are two English-medium undergraduate programs; Computer Engineering and Information Systems Engineering. The Computer Engineering Undergraduate program offers courses on artificial intelligence, databases, operating systems, computer networks, different programming languages and programming methods, microprocessors, signal processing, and project management. The Information Systems Engineering Program has theoretical knowledge courses in basic sciences and mathematics and in practice, the focus is on the configuration of systems, communication, and computer domains.

Educational Opportunities

The lessons in the department are taught in a highly modern classroom environment along with well-equipped laboratories and a large variety of educational and teaching activities are implemented. Our Computer Engineering Undergraduate Program is accredited by the Association for Evaluation and Accreditation of Engineering Programs (MÜDEK) and our departmental programs are members of the Oracle Academy and Microsoft Imagine Academy. The courses in our department are offered by one Associate Professor and five Assistant Professors who are experts in their fields. After completing their undergraduate studies, our students may continue their Masters and Doctoral programs in order to specialize in the area they are interested in and develop their research skills.

Career Areas

Our department trains engineers with the knowledge and experience required by the sector in the fields of computer and information systems as the most important areas of our age. The Department of Computer Engineering has graduates working in various fields in both national and international sectors; they can work as managers, software developers, software designers, database engineers in information processing centers, and they can also be research and project development engineers. Graduates of our Information Systems Engineering program can work in governmental organizations regarding a wide range of units such as planning and implementation of information technology systems and applications and as project engineers. Graduates who want to conduct scientific research in this rapidly developing sector can continue their careers by enrolling in post-graduate education.


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Faculty of Engineering

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Head of Department: Asst. Prof. Dr. Devrim Seral

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