About the Program

The construction sector is defined as the driving sector in all economies as it develops the business volume in many other sectors in addition to its own. Population growth and advancing technology bring along the need for more qualified construction technicians for designing and constructing higher-capacity transport networks, water resources, repairing or reconstructing existing roads, bridges and other structures.
Aim of the Construction Technology program is to train technicians who can apply the projects designed by engineers and architects. Technicians can perform the calculations of the structural system of a building in addition to applying pre-designed projects. 
Our mission is to educate students by giving them the fundamentals of technical knowledge, design, and practical skills, and provide them with the necessary tools to take their place in the modern world. In addition to this, we aim to increase the quality of life by providing safe and modern living environments by disseminating scientific thought and environmental consciousness, by developing social cooperation and a solidarity culture, and by creating conditions for sustainable development.

Educational Opportunities

Employers and company owners expect civil engineering graduates to have a strong educational background, to understand the market, and to be competent in adapting themselves to leadership and group projects. For this reason, students improve themselves through conducting experiments on building sites offering all the necessary conditions. Supervised by their teachers, students take part in scientific projects that contribute to science and to the national economy. Detailed studies carried out in the laboratory environment improve the perception of the site environment and provide problem solving in a short time.
Our graduates who follow technological developments are provided to keep themselves up to date with working techniques parallel to time and developments.

Career Areas

Construction Technicians; occupational group working as technical staff in natural resource, transportation / road, building sections and material test laboratories of public or local administrations, who take active role in building construction such as dam, road, airport, housing, infrastructure, and control services.
The activities carried out in the world in line with the renewed development policies are increasing the need for construction technicians. This will affect the employment opportunities of graduates positively.
Graduates of the program can work as technical staff in natural resource, transportation / highway, construction departments and material test laboratories of public or local administrations, who are actively involved in building constructions such as dams, roads, airports and residences.


2 years