About the Department

There are four undergraduate programs within the Department of Mechanical Engineering providing knowledge and experience for the students: Industrial Engineering, Energy Systems Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering. All of the programs are taught in English and they aim to produce solutions to the problems of the sector in addition to research and practice with external service programs. In this respect, while aiming to use existing and new technologies, a curriculum covering basic sciences, engineering knowledge, and skills is followed.

Educational Opportunities

All undergraduate programs under the body of the Department of Mechanical Engineering enable students gain experience through summer internship programs. Throughout their education, students are taught in smart classrooms extremely modern facilities. In addition, students are provided with the opportunity to do research and practice in a laboratory environment equipped with the latest technology. Within this context, students can meet in the campus environment with distinguished professionals from the industry, exchange ideas, and benefit from the experience of professionals.

Career Areas

Mechanical engineering is the foundation of the majority of the field of engineering. For this reason, our graduates who are trained in mechanical engineering can specialize in different fields of the industry. Our graduates have the infrastructure in which they can work in various fields such as automotive, aerospace, energy conversion, automation, manufacturing, environmental control, and bio-technology. Also, our mechanical engineers are trained to act with environmental awareness and professional ethics in the workplace. In this framework, our students are trained to show sensitivity to these issues in their designs and practices.


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Faculty of Engineering

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Head of Department: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Dağbaşı

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