About the Program

The Pharmacy Services program is a vocational college program aimed at the training of technicians with associate degree. It gains knowledge about the acquisition of data related to the Consumer Services and acquires the ability to use these theoretical and practical knowledge. In the field of health care, especially in cases involving pharmacy services, you can use the books, application tools and new technologies you need with up-to-date information. In pharmacy services, pharmacy keeps regular records on the subjects and uses the necessary information and communication technologies for this purpose. Know the structure and physiology of the patient and the patient so that the use of rational drug is aware of the positive impact on society. Pharmacy Services Program is designed to educate the pharmacists and pharmacists in our country in a purely scientific environment and to educate qualified personnel with necessary knowledge and equipment and to provide multidisciplinary Pharmacy Services Program.

Educational Opportunities

Prepares medicines in prescription and presents to patient, informs prescribing information to prescribe to patient, Informs patient about medicines sold without prescription, Takes job instructions from pharmacist, Takes precautions about worker health and safety, Detects drug / imprints / Cosmetics Exceptions / Medical Supplies missing, provide shelf, make window arrangement. Prepare the necessary substances and materials in case of preparation of special magistral medicines, provide them to be taken out on the counter after being controlled by the pharmacist, help the pharmacy to supply the pharmaceutical raw materials, periodically check the expiration dates of all kinds of materials used in pharmacy, check the prices of new materials entering the pharmacy taking into account the statutory rate of profit, together with the pharmacist, to control the pharmacist's prescription drugs on the counter helps test.

Career Areas

Pharmacy Services Technicians generally work in pharmacies, government departments, pharmacy-related departments, sometimes in drug factories or drug stores. The working environment is clean. There is a smell originating from chemical substances found in the structure of medicines. They are constantly interacting with people when working in pharmacies. Professional staff can work in public and private organizations. They can work in public and private pharmacies, in hospitals, in the medical sector and in various areas of the pharmaceutical industry. Public and private hospital pharmacies, pharmaceutical and health care product distribution channels, drug factories, etc., can serve as trained assistant personnel at work places where they can work. Participate in vocational meetings, seminars and professional development trainings and develop themselves by closely following up-to-date information in their professions.


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