About the Program

The purpose of the program under the supervision of a physiotherapist or physical therapy and rehabilitation specialist, physical therapy and exercise practices that will help to train health technicians. Congenital or post-transaction inefficiencies that can lead to a physical therapist that will help you any kind of disease, the need for qualified personnel has also increased. From this perspective, physiotherapy technician associate degree programs in the world is increasing. Physiotherapy Technicians, under the supervision of a physical therapist or physical therapy and physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist in the implementation of the basic medical exercise, physiotherapy during necessary precautions in case of unwanted situations related to help keep records and, in the process of physiotherapy and physiotherapy in terms of patient and employee safety practices to take the necessary measures within the context of health promotion are the main tasks that you like to participate in the program.

Educational Opportunities

Which is included in the basic principles of physiotherapy practice, a physical therapist during the therapeutic applications of skills that can help them as they were brought to the forefront of theoretical and mostly practical courses. Four semesters in two years as the clinical applications of the generated classes are accompanied by physical therapists was given. Students with a physical therapist during treatment of the patient's problems, it is planned to equip them with basic skills in detection and analysis. In accordance with these plans within our school as their training both theoretical and application are in the physiotherapy laboratories. In addition to the theoretical and practical courses to students at the end of the first year, and a summer internship in the field of application Application courses will reinforce the training they received in the fourth period along with it.

Career Areas

Twoyear associate degree program physical therapist assistant physical therapy as a result of the completion of hospitals and rehabilitation centers with the title of technicians, private medical institutions, private training centres, sports/health centres, professional and amateur sports clubs, nursing homes, spa/thermal plants. Clean and quiet work environment. Standing and usually they can carry out their tasks by using various instruments. During the task, patients in coordination with physicians and physiotherapists. Our graduates, who OSYM examination for vertical transfer is made if they are successful, as in the departments of physiotherapy and rehabilitation degree completion will be able to continue their careers. Cyprus International University and the physiotherapy section of the application areas and possibilities available in the modern laboratory, with experienced instructors on this subject aims to play an active role in eliminating the need for quality personnel


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